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Celebrating My Tribe(s)

March 8th marks International Women's Day and when I was reminded of this in my pilates class, a song instantly came to mind: TLC "What About Your Friends" and if you don't know it, please get to know it.

My friends are fucking dope. Yes the profanity is necessary because that is just how dope they are. I am blessed to have several really good girlfriends across several different groups. People love to preach about finding their tribe and I am here to tell you that sometimes you can have several tribes. Not only do these ladies bring out the best in me but they also inspire me for multiple reasons. Allow me to list them here in no particular order.

  • They are out here building, creating and owning! Over the last few years, a several of my friends have stepped out and owned their own businesses. Whether it is interior design, jewelry, displays, financial or consulting, these ladies have taken the leap to step out on their own. That is so incredibly brave. In 2021, I became an independent contractor and while my career has some stability, it is a bit nerve racking to know it is all on you. Some of these ladies are also employing others which is another pressure as not only are you responsible for you now you have to be successful for those that you've hired. All of them are doing the damn thing and it is so inspiring to see. In addition to owning businesses, several have become home owners. Each time I heard someone say they bought their own place I thought "In this economy?" That just shows how hard they have worked and saved and I just want to applaud each of them!

  • They are out here caring! If you don't have friends that will remind you to drink water during the day or eat well either you need to add some friends or you're just really good at drinking water and eating. Sounds silly I know but we all care about each other and want to ensure that we are all taking care of ourselves. Self care is great but also show you care. During the pandemic, there was a group of us that would just meet to walk to ensure we were getting some exercise in because we cared! I have one friend in particular that really teaches me how to be more nice and vulnerable. She is optimistic one when I am jaded with the absolute sweetest soul. She inspires me to be more empathetic and see more gray instead of black and white. While yes you should have some like minded people in your life, also get those that bring out different (and good) parts of you.

  • They are out here traveling! These ladies are not stagnant content to just stay in one place. No, no, no ma'am! They are out here seeing the world. I have a travel crew where we tend to go places for my birthday and I truly love traveling with them as it is nothing but a good time. From Puerto Rico, Vancouver, Santa Barbara, we are going to have a good time. I have another group of ladies that are hell bent on seeing the world. I respect that and look forward to the time I can travel overseas with them. What both of these groups have in common is the desire to see and experience new and those are qualities that I value in my friendships

  • We Cheer Each Other On! Whether it is in class or out, in all of my friend groups you can hear the cheers when someone has accomplished something. Big or small, we want each other to succeed. Hitting a new trick "Yes girl!' Competing in a Competition "Get it girl!" Landed that account "Oh hell yeah" all of the accomplishments will be celebrated!

I could go on and on about why my tribes are dope but I think you get the message. This International Women's Day I am celebrating my friends. I love you, I appreciate you, I adore you. As they say on the Golden Girls "Thank You for Being a Friend!"

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