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I'm Going Through Changes

Do y'all know that song? Everytime I hear it, I am reminded of the show Big Mouth and also a situation with this guy I used to date. They are unrelated but I always remember both anytime I hear it. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is, I am going through changes y'all!

Good changes at that. Changes that actually have me excited. I may have already mentioned the first, I officially launched Coco Reid's. The prospect of connecting with people and selling my books really fills me with joy. Independent Bookstore Day just passed and I found myself at a bookstore conversing with a mother and daughter about what we like to read and how we got into reading. I was there at the invitation of my friend and soon discovered that I had read the majority of the romance section and I could talk about those books! I felt like for once I was truly in my element. Having that experience makes me look forward to my first pop up even more! While I would obviously like to sell some books, I am really looking forward to connecting with fellow readers.

The other change in my life? I got a new job! I am now a Task Force Director of Sales for a hotel management company. While I had been looking for a new job for over a year, this job happened rather suddenly and at the most perfect time. Allow me to break this down! I applied for the job on March 21st. There was a call with the recruiter on March 25th and she explained it could be a four interview process. I had my first interview scheduled with the VP of Sales for March 28th. Coincidentally on that day I had what was my worst day with the former company in terms of employee relations. So bad that I ended the day telling my boss that I needed to rethink my position with the company. This was also ten minutes before my interview. Had that interview and felt like it went well and she confirmed that when she told me that she was moving me to the second round of interviews. That interview was scheduled for April Fools Day. It was an interview with the two regionals at 11:00am and I told them that I hope it was't a prank. Call went well. By 1:30pm I had an email from the recruiter wanting to connect. Y'all I was sweating bullets. My trauma response had me thinking it was bad news. I couldn't have been more wrong. By 3:30pm I had an offer letter at my desired salary and a start date. I quit the next day and was walked the day after. I started my new job April 15th and have been rocking and rolling since.

I am sharing that timeline as a reminder (mostly to myself) of how quickly things can change. It felt like such a sense of relief to be able to see an end to my previous job. According to many that have seen me, the change is palpable. Apparently I just look happier which coincidentally I feel. I have figured out that my ultimate goal is to have a bookstore/coffee shop and I now have a position that provides for me but is less stressful.

So yes, I am going through changes. The song itself may be sad (the lyrics will tug on the heartstrings) but in general not all changes are bad. Some are needed, at least in my life

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Cynthia Marie
Cynthia Marie
May 03

Coco Reids and Coco writes! Although I knew you got a new job, the timeline and background offers so much insight into the new changes in your life. To say I am happy for you is an understatement. Good riddance to that old job! Now you can live with less unnecessary stress and focus more on what makes you happy. Coffee and books couldn’t be anymore perfect! As you know, I am an expert on running businesses so please utilize my wisdom at your fingertips! Would love to be a wildflower on the side of your path to success. Keep going my friend, I’m rooting for you. With love, Cynthia

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