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What's Coco Drinking: The February Round Up

There were so many good drinks this month! I have been slowly but surely drinking more coffee drinks if they hit that perfect balance of sweetness. Two of my favorite coffees this month were the Rose Latte from Phin Smith and the Pink and White from Contra. These two shops happen to be among my favorite consistent shops to visit since they have delicious drinks and great people that work there.

Tried the following new drinks and/or places

  1. Matcha Rose - Bluetree in Anaheim Hills

  2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Horchata - Cordova Creations

  3. Lavender and Rose Flight - Morning Lavender in Tustin

  4. Matcha - Huskins in Santa Ana

  5. The Detox with Lavender Cream - Coffee Dose at Rodeo 39 in Stanton

  6. The Maple Latte - Modern Times Coffee in Anaheim

  7. Pink Sea Salt Matcha - Ma Juicy in Garden Grove

  8. Matcha with Strawberry Cream - Frame Coffee in Fullerton

  9. The Purple Tea - Pulp Juice Bar in Orange

  10. Watermelon Milk - Tall Grass in Stanton

  11. Matcha Oolong - Crisp in Irvine

  12. Sweet Disposition - Buenas in Costa Mesa

  13. Creme Brûlée Matcha - Fourtea in Orange

  14. Able Matcha - Able in Fullerton (they also have a location in Huntington Beach)

Let's discuss this flight! I am a long time fan of Morning Lavender so when I saw they were launching a flight I knew I had to go so of course I was there the first week. The flight consists of a Lavender Latte, Rose Latte, Rose Black Milk Tea and a Lavender Milk Tea. It is as pretty as it is tasty. I have had the teas before and already knew I loved the Rose Black Milk Tea but was so delighted to try the Rose Latte. They truly know how to do floral drinks right as they are perfectly balanced without tasting like flowers. I would definitely get again.

Speaking of rose drinks, the Matcha Rose from Bluetree was so friggin good! I would make that 20 minute drive again just for that drink. Great matcha flavor but again wonderfully balanced.

If I was forced to choose between my favorite new drinks this month. It is a hard choice but I think it might be a tie between The Matcha with Strawberry Cream from Frame and the Detox from Coffee Dose. The Matcha with Strawberry Cream is just sweet enough with a delectable strawberry taste from the strawberry cream. I was so sad to the end of that drink but thankful for the experience. Yes but it was so good I have to talk about it like it was. guy I used to date. It is also seasonal so I was so sad to see that go but hopeful for other flavor profiles in the near future.

I have to be honest, I had tried Coffee Dose several times at their Costa Mesa locations and truthfully wasn't a fan. I loved the attitude and spunk at the shops but just could not find a drink that made me crave it. When I learned that they were opening a location at Rodeo 39 which is conveniently near my pilates studio, I was not excited but said that I would give them a try again. I am so happy I did! The first day I went to this location I got The Mary which is a lavender matcha and I modified with oat milk and made it Rodeo style which is their lavender cream. Child that shit was so bomb! So I figured out the ticket for their drinks for me was to get them with oat milk and this cream. That said I went back and for The Detox pictured above. This is a charcoal drink that you can get with matcha or espresso (I got the matcha) sweetened with honey and usually comes with almond milk. Ya girl switched it up for oat milk and made it Rodeo Style and a star was born. I will be back.

You're probably wondering about the other drinks listed. They were all good as well! I seriously did not have a bad drink at all this month and will return to many of the locations. I want to give a special shout out to Able in Fullerton. Not only was my drink dope but the service was unmatched. I totally appreciate how friendly and helpful Pedro was and look forward to returning.

Did you have any good drinks this month? Please share as you know I am always looking for something new.

Happy drinking!

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