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Coco Reid's - It's Coming

Previously I shared that I was interested in opening my own coffee and cocktail bar. That is definitely more long term goal. Lately, I have been wondering what I can do now and the answer was surrounding me... Sell my books!

As you're aware, I am an avid reader particularly of the romance genre. It has been that way since I was a little girl growing up with my Harlequin reading mom. We literally had a box in the entryway that was filled with all of the books that we read (I contributed my Babysittters Club and teen romances). I definitely got the love of reading from my mom and thankfully I never lost it, if anything, I am more so drawn to reading. Last year alone, I read a total of 75 books, the majority centered around romantic love and few on other topics such self happiness and embracing life.

Part of embracing life is recognizing opportunities! I have been interested in either a part time job or some type of side business but could not figure out what it could be. I am not creative so a craft like crochet was not in the cards. Nor am I artistic and because I do have a primary job, availability is limited. So what could I do? Well last year I went to a farmer's market and there was a used book seller! They sold all types of books and I thought "what if I did this but just for romance?" I then reached out to one of my favorite romance book stores to see if they ever thought about doing a used book division. Sadly, there was no response. But the idea still lingered in my head. Will I do this? The answer is yes!

I am still working out the details, do I want to just do pop-ups or do I want to sell online or both? I am leaning toward both so I have changed my secondary Instagram account to @coco_reids and I have made plans to shadow @themistypistil at a farmers market in March to get the vendor experience. I will use Instagram and otther channels to highlight various books that I am both reading as well as selling. I am nervous but excited to start this new venture and hope that you will join me for the ride!

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