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Ooops… Oh My

Ooops, oh my is right! I am cringing with how long it has been since I've written anything. Today we are going to get caught up, I am going to share some highlights and share a bit of what has been going on. Warning you now there might be a lot of song references sooo let's get into it ya shall we? (Two songs referenced in this paragraph alone lol)

Why the hiatus? It was not intentional but rather a result of being burnt out. Unfortunately reading and sipping tea is not my primary job. Some of you may know that I work in sales and truthfully have had a lot on my plate for the last year that was steadily growing and as hotels got busier so did I. That also means I spent way too much time on a computer and phone and at the end of the day I was just done. I simply could not find the motivation to do much let alone write and it wasn't until recently (last week to be exact) that I had the realization that I was once again coasting through life. I have never been one to define myself by what I do for a living and strongly feel that this one life we get one meant to experience the beauty and wonder that this world has to offer. I was letting my day job take away that joy. Last week I decided fuck that, so I am back baby!

I recognize that things aren't going to flip overnight and I need to reset those boundaries between work and enjoying life and what makes me happy. This is one of those things that brings me joy and sharing the dope shit that I get to experience along the way.

It hasn't been all burnt out and sadness. During this unintentional break the following has happened in no particular order:

  • Lost my knee brace. Like actually lost it so I have been on the pole, hoop and in Pilates without a brace. It's been great

  • I took a trip to Vegas where I finally got to experience Silk Sonic, had a beautiful man sing to me at the Magic Mike Live show and explored the arts district

  • Spent a little bit of time in Miami and had a most amazing boat ride celebrating my friend's birthday

  • Have booked my birthday so I am finally going to Portugal and Paris

Tea/coffee adventures have still been happening! Moongoat is officially my Monday spot as I just love their matcha (add the seasonal cold foam and thank me later). White Sparrow is a newcomer to Tustin and I have yet to try anything I did not like, in fact they have my favorite hojicha and their love on the weekend latte brings me joy. Taty's, Contra, Phin Smith and the Original Barista are still bringing me joy. Also, it is pumpkin season and these shops have been showing up and showing out! Thank You in Anaheim has their own twist on a pumpkin spice latte, that is slightly different but friggin delicious.

Your girl is still reading, in fact I have now read over 80 books this year! The 80th book is Fool Me Once by Ashley Winstead and funny enough it is about a woman that has been hurt so much she closes herself out from love and pushes people away since she feels they will eventually leave anyway but eventually realizes that some people are worthy. I didn't realize when I chose to read it that I would feel it so hard but here we are and yeah I loved it.

So there you have it! We are mostly caught up. I do have some other stories to share but I will save those for another post but for now I'm going to finish watching this sunset and go read some more.

Not to sound corny but enjoy the tiny moments. They add up to a lot so let yourself experience those.

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