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Garden Grove Blvd Getting the New New Coffee Shops

I have lived in Garden Grove for almost 12 years and y'all recently the come up has been so real! Even a year ago I was frequently going outside of Garden Grove because while there were options (Dark Horse, Phin Smith, Airoma, Boba Pop) it still felt limited in this immediate area. Then suddenly more has begun popping up! I believe we have already talked about Da Vien here which is a great spot in terms of drink quality and taste, style and service. Now we have some others!


First up, we have Cortado which is the sister location to Long Black Coffee in Fountain Valley. I was overjoyed when I learned this was opening as I love Long Black but the location is just not convenient during the week. Now I have quick access to their amazing Matcha Einspanner and they have a new drink called the Ice Cherry Jubilee. I got my jubilee decaf with oat milk and it was so good. I love that they bring new drinks that are not currently in the market. I still daydream about the mango cold brew. They also offer fresh baked pastries daily and I may have a slight addiction to their strawberry cream cheese danish. I am just so happy to have Cortado here. Maybe one day I will get an actual cortado.

Ced - Coffee and Donuts

This place does not miss! This is one I learned about just from driving. I was driving down Garden Grove Blvd leaving pilates and I noticed the sign. After looking them up on social media, I learned that they were preparing to open! You know I love a new tea shop and this was literally a month ago. I made it a point to stop by. I have been three times and have had the sea salt oolong, matcha strawberry and the sea salt green tea and all were delicious and make me want to come back for more. They also have amazing looking baked goods which I have not had a chance to try the donuts but I have had the financiers and honey those are so good! Who wants to go with me to get tea and donuts?

Black Pearl Teahouse

Located in the same center as H Mart and Paris Baguette, this new place has really differentiated themselves by offering boba tea flights. I haven't tried the flight but I have had several tea beverages which were very good. In addition I have had the chocolate chip cookies and the mini heart shaped brownies and they were so good! I plan on going back to actually get the flight and try their ube bites. You know I am a sucker for ube.

Have you been to any of these places? Do you have some favorite spots on Garden Grove Blvd? Let me know where to go next!

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