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The Bay to LA - Back to the Bay

Does anyone else miss the Hyphy Movement? Like sure I dislocated my knee while attempting to jerk at a party but man that was a fun time. Just wearing Vans with whatever outfit and everyone was just trying to thizz face and vibe. That's what I wanted recently to be in the bay and vibe and vibe is what I did!

If you read my last blog, then you know that I have recently started a new job! Before I got the job, I already had a trip to San Francisco planned to see my friend. Color me surprised to learn that I was being assigned a hotel in Newark and actually that is a city in the Bay area. Then the transitioning DOS already had a site tour scheduled so of course it just made sense to extend my trip. Don't you just love when things work out? I know I do! So let's get into the highlights of this particular trip!

Best Cocktail Bar - Left Door and Barbarossa (It's a Tie)

When I say this trip was nothing but vibes, I am so serious! The only place that was planned in advance was this reservation to Left Door and my gosh that place was sexy. I had a clarified milk punch that was amazing. Everyone else said their drinks were good too. We were also treated to a free wagyu that came with house made tater tots. Knowing that the dish costs $85 and we got it for free has no bearing on the fact that it was absolutely delicious. My friend's cousin ordered the sliders (these sliders came on grilled japanese milk bread) and fries. At the end I said "this place knows how to make a potato." Definitely need to go there again.

Speaking of repeats, that Saturday we decided to start our night at Barbarossa. I have been there once before and remembered liking the vibe. I left knowing that it must be a stop anytime I am in the area. Amir (such a sweet bartender) made this chai old fashion that was divine. For food we had the duck confit sliders and the ceviche which I am craving as we speak. We ultimately didn't go anywhere else after this. The music was 90s and early 2000s hip hop and R&B. We played tag with the table next to us. Had more cocktails. That was a good night.

Most Random Experience - Jaxson

Due to a need of running out of my Eaze Drops, we made our way back to the Marina area. We had no way of knowing that the Marina was going to be the home of the Taylor Swift Bar Crawl. I am no swiftie, but the organizers chose some great bars! To be clear, we were not part of this but just happened to go to several of the bars that happened to be on the list. It started when I spotted some ridiculous signage that I wanted to take a pic to send to my friend, then I looked inside the outdoor bar and saw swings instead of bar stools. I had been beckoned. We got there before the crawl started thankfully and had the space to ourselves. Clay was the amazing bartender and he graciously took our pics, had me try their gin slushie for quality control, and gave us jello shots that had gushers in them. All jello shots should have gushers. Thanks Clay!

Best Trip within Trip - Napa!

While at Barbarossa, my friend had the best idea - let's go to Napa tomorrow. We did! It was amazing! We had barbeque and a sparkling wine flight at Bounty, another fantastic tasting at Brown Estate, delicious desserts at Sweetie Pies (ohhh guava cake how I miss thee) and we got to take pictures at the Napa sign! It was truly an amazing day with friends and I am so thankful.

Next visit I will need to time around the last Friday of the month to check out the 90s night at Pops (thank you Amir for letting me know). What are some of your must visit that area?

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