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Small Business Highlight: Apt 5 Creative

I have been working in hotel sales/corporate America for well over a decade and in my time I have seen many a head shot. I have also tried taking head shots. You know the ones I am speaking of: conservative style while wearing a light colored blouse under a black/blue/gray blazer. There is a hint of a smile and they tend to photoshop the shit out of the pictures (especially if they are not used to working with people of color but that is a whole other conversation). I've hated every single one of those pictures. And then my friend and owner of Apt 5 Creative showed me why: they don't capture me or what I am wanting to convey! Skip the head shots and do a branding shoot!

Katie is amazing to work with. She gets to the essence of you and your business and is able to bring that out in photograph. With people, she is patient, gives amazing direction and will demonstrate the poses she is looking for and open to suggestions. She has plenty of ideas. I knew when I shot with her the coffee shop I wanted to be at and she sent me inspiration pictures for outfits. She also chose the secondary location featuring jacaranda trees which happen to be my favorite! I have also had the pleasure of assisting her on another shoot and she did such an amazing job showcasing both the amazing person that she is photographing and their design aesthetic.

Frequently, Katie highlights tips and tricks for product photography as well. If you don't follow @apt5creative on Instagram, do yourself a favor and get on it. Her reels are hilarious and informative and made me wish I had an actual product for her to highlight.

So forget that boring old headshot, go see Katie at Apt 5 Creative and showcase you, your business or your product with a branding shoot! You can check her out at @apt5creative

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