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Valentine's Day - Love for Small Business

Was Valentine's Day anyone else's favorite holiday growing up? As a child, I used to love passing out those little cards to my classmates and seeing their faces light up as they realized we all had the same appreciation for the California Raisins commercials which were immortalized on little thin pieces of cardboard accompanied with candy. Those were seriously the good ol days! It was a time of just spreading love and little Coco was a romantic even as a child. Favorite shape was a heart and one of my favorite colors was pink and my moms was red. In fact, some of my fondest holiday memories actually involve my mom and Valentine's Day. We used to get each other gifts every year and in fact when I was 13, my mom got me the sickest cranberry colored clear beeper and my second piercing in my ear. Still one of my favorites.

Now if someone asks me what my favorite holiday is, I might say Thanksgiving simply because I love to eat and for the most part there is a lack of expectation surrounding it. Now as an adult Valentine's Day is more about who you are with and what are you getting each other. I have yet to have a good Valentine's Day with someone I am dating. I have had some great Galentine's that is for sure and I am always appreciative of my friends. In my heart though, I still love Valentine's Day and seeing all of the love, hearts, pink, red, just all of it! I am pretty sure I walk around with heart eyes for the first half of February and let's be real, my little romantic heart still believes I will have a great Valentine one day.

So how am I celebrating Valentine's Day this year? Supporting my small businesses of course! So here is a rundown of some of my favorite VDAY finds!


Jannelee Sonora is an artist and I am so happy she puts her art on my nails! I was inspired to get this simple yet beautiful broken heart set after seeing her post it on Instagram. I am not even brokenhearted (shout out to Brandy as that is now in my head) but I knew I wanted a broken heart on my nails. Three weeks later and my nails still look great and I am still getting compliments

White Sparrow

This is not the first time I have mentioned this coffee shop on this blog and I doubt it will be the last. I love a coffee shop with a special for Valentine's Day and White Sparrow had not one but two! They have the His which is a raspberry mocha and the Hers which is a strawberry matcha. I got the His, iced, decaf, with oatmilk, and it was so good! The salt bae sprinkle of dried raspberry on top was chefs kiss fabulous. Try it!

Ape Coffee

Yes this is another coffee shop and yes this is also a raspberry mocha iced with oatmilk. But you guys, if you tried it, you would totally understand why I just had to write about it. It wass that good! From the first sip it had me kickin and pushin like Lupe Fiasco (also that was the song playing when I took my first sip). Ugh how I wish this wasn't seasonal. It is the combination I didn't even know I needed in life. No I will not choose between this one and White Sparrow. They are both so good and I would double fist both. Thank you Ape!

Sugar Mama Cupcakery

Mmmmm cupcakes! Recently my friend celebrated her birthday and I have been wanting to try this company for a minute so what better reason than a birthday/Galentine's? I fully leaned into the theme and ordered chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting. Y'all. I said y'all! These cupcakes were insanely delicious! Whitney is the owner and she gifted me a bonus cupcake since I was picking up the day before I was seeing the girls and wanted me to try one of her cupcakes ASAP. I devoured my cupcake on the way to lunch with a friend. One minute it was there and the next, the empty wrapper was in the side of my car. I took the cupcakes to the girls the next day and they agreed that everything was delicious! I can't wait to order again and also see Whitney at some pop-ups.


Admittedly, I have taken a break from shopping however I have noticed that Morning Lavender, Stitch and Feather, Vintage Vogue and Xtyle It all have amazing options for all of your Valentine's Day activities. From lovely, pinks, sweaters and sweatshirts with hearts or XOXO, romantic dresses, these stores have you covered.

So while I may not have a date for Valentine's Day with my valentine, there is clearly so much to look forward to!

How are you celebrating this holiday?

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