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Small Business Highlight: Saint the Brand

Saint the Brand, how I love thee... But seriously I love this brand! Saint the Brand is clothing company that is minority and women owned that comes out with some sexy yet comfortable pieces that can be both dressed up and dressed down (but like why would you want to do that?)

I first came across this amazing company when my beautiful friend Jenn posted pictures that she took modeling for them and I became obsessed with getting myself a dress. I mean c'mon who wouldn't feel beautiful in this? Because I have been in this transition phase I knew I needed to try it on in person and I was lucky enough to be able to find them at a pop-up in LA (by find I mean, followed on Instagram, made conversation, learned which pop up they would be attending and made plans with the girls to go to this pop up. Yep, it was a process).

The Angel City Pop-up is a thing in and of itself but on this particular day in June, I had the pleasure of meeting the owners Ebony and Shannon who were incredibly sweet and encouraging. They let me try on this dress, showed me how to put it on and convinced me to get a size smaller. Y'all I felt so light and pretty in this and it was the perfect dress for the Cabo wedding I was attending.

Since then I have discovered more reasons to love Saint the Brand. One reason being they embody women supporting women. Between their recent collaborations for the holidays, the way they promote other brands and just their overall interactions with their supporters, I can not help but love them. They have a dress for all occasions and for all body types so this is a brand that truly embraces all of us as women. They even have stylish but sexy jogger sets!

You can find Saint the Brand on Instagram or their website and then let me know which is your favorite piece!

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