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Coffee/Tea Adventures: Wall Writers and Maddie’s

First of all, shout out to Lisa for reminding me that I haven't written. Friends man, they are needed! Anyhoo, today we are going to talk about new favorites, let's go!

Wall Writers has been on my list for a while. I first came across them on Instagram as they have Ube matcha lattes. You already know those are two of my favorite things so I had to go! It is located in an office park in Irvine which has some really great outdoor seating. You walk inside and realize 1. Not only do they showcase Ube, but they showcase pandan 2. They love cartoons! On the class were drawings of childhood favorites such as Bobby's World but also cult favorites like The Critic 3. They know an amazing muralist as there were two dope pieces on the walls. Basically this place is gorgeous and my vibe.

But we don't just go to these shops for the aesthetics, no we go the drinks and hope they taste good. Taste good they did. My friend got their pumpkin spice latte and she enjoyed the flavor as well as the fact that it was the perfect temperature for her. As for me I had to stay on purple theme (we were on our way to the Walk to End Alzheimer's so purple was the color of the day) and I got the Ube matcha latte. Y'all my tastebuds sang and my shirt wanted in on the action as I immediately spilled on myself. Highly do recommend.

Closer to home we have Maddie's Grill. This is a delicious Korean food spot that has recently added coffee and tea menu as Almond Haus closed their doors in this parking lot leaving an opening. Y'all those that have known me, know that I loved Almond Haus. I normally would be saddened that they left but then I tried the Founder's Favorite (a take on the matcha latte) and all was right again. Kidding, kind of.

You know it's real when you get the loyalty card and I am loyal! As mentioned, I have had the Founder'a Favorite and another favorite is the turmeric ginger latte which is just so perfectly balanced flavor wise. I have also had their vanilla latte as a hot drink and it was so good and the syrup is made in house. Andrew (the owner) and I had a great discussion on the importance of good syrups and let me tell you, it makes a difference. Not for nothing the food is absolutely delicious, where I love the spicy chicken bowl and their chicken katsu sandwich. Mmmmm so good.

So there you have it, two spots that you should check out. Have you tried anyplace recently? Let me know!

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