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CTS Highlight: The Original Barista

I do not remember the exact date but I do know that in 2021 I met one of my favorite Coffee/Tea Shops (Henceforth will be referred to as CTS). Even prior to Instagram, I loved to venture out to try different places especially on the weekends. Instagram has just introduced me to even more places and The Original Barista is no exception.

I will never forget the first time I went, I was in search of an amazing turmeric latte as I have been unable to find a good one since I stopped working in Carlsbad. The moment I walked in I thought "this is it!" Imagine, walking in, meeting the owner who is named ORian and he is bumping Lenny Kravitz and he knows the key do a dope turmeric latte (here it is called The Golden Ratio) is the tiniest hint of pepper. Bruh I have been hooked ever since!

The matcha here is one of the best. The Original Barista only uses top tier ingredients (to match their top tier personalities) so everything you get is quality. I like to get my matcha iced with oat milk and some lavender syrup. They also make a quality chai as well. This is the first coffee shop that I have worked at and I love it. Natasha is also an amazing baker and pumpkin season really shined a light on her skills. Her pumpkin bites and pumpkin sorcery bread were among my favorite pumpkin treats of the season.

They recently celebrated their birthday and you can tell the love they give as well as receive from their customers. There were so many posts from customers celebrating them and it is seriously well deserved. They make a true effort to get to know the people that come in and it is always a welcoming environment. From their regulars to the newbies, you're sure to get the following: a warm greeting and a bomb ass drink.

So cheers to The Original Barista @theoriginalbarista stop in tell them Nicole/Daniella sent you!

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