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Highlight: NicoleAndPhoto

I have already waxed poetic about my adoration for Nicole Baeza, the creative owner of &Everlasting. I highly recommend you checking her jewelry out! Recently, Nicole has taken her creativity and has branched out into photography with NicoleAndPhoto and of course she is amazing.

We met up at Able Coffee in Fullerton for this shoot and it was the perfect location. First of all, their Able Matcha is delicious. Secondly, this place is made for pictures with natural lighting, indoor blue container back drops and marble tables. So many options for optics! The team there is incredibly friendly and graciously allowed us to stay a little past closing before gently asking us to leave. Thank you!

Shooting with Nicole was super easy and fun. She has such an encouraging and gentle spirit. She finds the light and will offer posing suggestions. With her eye she is able to find just the right background. She allowed me to go through the pictures and choose the ones that I liked but also offered her own suggestions. I appreciated this as I am incredibly critical of myself and I find that often the pictures I hate are the ones photographers like. Remind me to tell you about the horrendous picture day we had for work one day back in my Carlsbad days. That is what turned me away from corporate headshots.

Anyhoo, Nicole doesn't just do branding photography but she is also doing events such as weddings and has already begun booking! You can check out her work at or @nicoleandphoto

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