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I Keep Going

I remember last year my friend and pole instructor Amanda asked me what my goals are and I believe my response is was to get stronger or some vague shit like that and then as we got further into the year I came up with one: to get my jade split on pole. As we enter into this new year, I am asking myself what do I want. When it comes to aerial/pole the answer is once again to continue to progress and get stronger.

I don't remember my first pole class, but can tell you it was sometime between 2008 or 2009 and bro I sucked. I have no pictures as evidence but I sucked. Couldn't do shit. But there was something about the pole that intrigued me. My friend had a pole party in 2012 for her birthday and I learned that sometime in order to progress, you need to connect with the instructor and there was something about that place that made me feel that although I can't do something now, I can do something eventually.

Fast forward to 2016 when I tried an aerial class with my friend at this place called Urban Aerial Fitness. Similar to pole, I had tried some silks classes and simply couldn't do anything and was convinced that I couldn't do it but something about the aerial arts appealed to me and I loved the vibe at this studio. So in 2017 when I was frustrated with where I was physically and mentally I began really committing to aerial. At this point I had been doing pole on and off but only once a week so outside of some spins, there wasn't much growth. At Urban, I would take beginner silks and hoops every Tuesday. Man, it was rough. I had so upper body strength (or core, or legs for that matter) so seeing the other girls around me climb and do tricks while I struggled just to get off the floor was so frustrating. I remember there was one class with my instructor Mary where I was so upset and stuck in a trick known as candy cane that I cried. Yet, I somehow still kept going. In fact that is what I think I am most proud of on my journey: I Keep Going! I have taken friends that have said they need to build up the strength before they can take another class to which I say you build strength by going to class! But this isn't their journey, it is mine and I keep going!

2021 was the year that I progressed in both pole and hoop (I have since learned that I am not a fan of silks and everyone at the studio knows this lol). I remember years ago I told my best friend that in pole all I want to do is be able to invert. I can now do that as well as climb and some other dope tricks. In aerial, I can some dope tricks and make it look pretty. This was not always the case! I've had several people tell me that they are inspired by my posts. Thank you! Seriously, thank you! It has taken me years to get here and while my progress has been slower than others, it is progress and for that I am incredibly thankful. I even took part in my very first (maybe last but who knows) showcase and my friends were watching me and cheering me on. It was nerve racking but felt so good to be able to share that. While it wasn't a set goal, it was something I am thankful I was able to do as it was a progress marker.

I may not have set goals for 2022, but I do know that for as long as I can I will keep going and will continue to celebrate all progress. You're welcome to join me! What is something that you've progressed that you continue to show up to?

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