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May Book Round-up

Coco has been reading, a lot because well I’ve been a bit sad this month. Hence the lack of content as of late. I have been slowly but surely picking back up but it is a process.

A great thing to come out of this month has been the books. Oh my golly this has been a GREAT reading month. Eight books were completed and I am in the middle of more as we speak. So far this I’ve read 43 books and am on pace to beat last year which I’m kind of excited about.

Here’s a list of what was completed in May:

  1. Birds of California - Katie Contugno

  2. Have We Met? - Camille Baker

  3. By the Book - Jasmine Guillory

  4. The Gilded Ones - Namina Forna

  5. Kamila Knows Best - Farah Herron

  6. Weather Girl - Rachel Lynn Solomon

  7. Chef’s Kiss - TJ Alexander

  8. Book Lovers - Emily Henry

Let’s start with the meh or straight up disappointing because while overall this was a good reading month, there were definitely some duds. Have We Met was simply cute. Seriously that was all I had in my notes on my spreadsheet. I can’t tell you one single detail about it so while it wasn’t boring it was simply cute. The big disappointment for me was By the Book. I typically enjoy Jasmine’s writing (yes I say her name like I know her) but this particular book just didn’t do it for me. It was missing details (seriously how old is Beau) and why are we basing books off of Disney fairytales when we’ve established they are problematic? Jasmine girl I know you can do better, do it.

Weather Girl was my favorite read of the month. I have been eyeing this book for some months but it wasn’t until a saw a lady at the wine bar on jazz night sitting there and reading it that I committed and I am so happy I did. I found this character so relatable: she tries so hard to always be sunny so as not to push people away if they see the real her, she is quick to cut-off before the other person does, she prefers rainy days. Seriously, Rachel if you know me can you just make yourself known as that was eerie! This book made me do a lot of self reflecting and boy am I happy I did.

Emily Henry outdid herself with Book Lovers. It is my favorite of the three books I’ve read by her. Great characters, great setting(s) and the relationship between her and her mother was another cause for self reflection.

Honorable mentions to Kamila Knows Best and The Gilded Ones.

Talk to me, what did you enjoy reading this month?

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Jun 20, 2022

I was just looking for book suggestions. I made sure to screenshot your list. I think I’ll start with the weather girl

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