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Mom, Tea and Me

Feliz Dia de las Madres! I love that in Mexico Mother’s Day is May 10th always. None of this rotating crap. For some reason I am always happier on this day than on America’s day. Maybe it is because of the commercialism or all of the performative posts on social media or perhaps it is because it is yet another reminder that my mother isn’t here. Either way, yes I was sad this year but it also gave me time to reflect.

I don’t know if you realize this but I love tea. Sunday I was reminded where this love came from: my mom. See we didn’t have a coffee maker household. We had tea! Chamomile was the night time choice growing up and then we would just try other types as well. I distinctly remember at one point we had actual sugar cubes. Man I loved those things. The only coffee we had in my house was that instant coffee shit and that was definitely just for my mom that really liked it. I still have no clue as to why. Regardless, it was a tea household for me.

I ended up having an unexpected tea adventure on Sunday and it seriously brightened my day and made me think of my mom. I knew I was going to Pasadena and briefly had a thought of looking up a coffee/tea shop and then decided not to. I was headed there to see the new Doctor Strange with my bro. As I was waiting outside the theatre, as if conjured by magic and wishful thinking, I turned around and there was this adorable pink decorated shop called Coffee & Plants!

This shop as appeared on my Instagram and I had a friend tell me about it but I never sought out the location. To have it just be there felt like a sign and I love signs (especially if they are neon) and I couldn’t ignore it. I ordered the blue drink from Savannah and made my bro take the pictures (I love how he indulges me). The drink was as delicious as it was pretty and all the while I was thinking of my mom.

Sunday was a rough day but I am thankful to have spent it with amazing people and for being able to try this amazing shop. It completely brightened my day and I couldn’t recommend it anymore. If you’re in the Pasadena area, go check out Coffee & Plants. Thanks Mom for making your presence known.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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