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New Year, New Tea (or Coffee)

Well y'all we have made it to 2022! I know there are some people that feel like 2021 flew by. Nah. That thang dragged but one of the best things to come out of that year were all the different shops I started to go. So I decided what better way to kick off the first full weekend in January than by exploring tea/coffee shops that I haven't been to yet!

Admittedly, this was supposed to take place in Denver but as I went to check in for my flight, I learned that Southwest had canceled my flight. Dah well. See you in February Denver and Aunt Nikki! But, that left me with a whole weekend of exploring to do, and explore I did!

Hunny Drip Coffee - Friday

This has been on my list to try for a few months now. I walked in and it was still decorated for Christmas and it was an overall lovely shop. Not a lot of tea options but I am always down to try a decaf option if it is available. I asked the lovely barista for a recommendation and she said the Queen Bee Latte. It's like she knew me! This has brown sugar, honey and deliciousness. It completely lived up to the hype and I will definitely be going back to try another drink. Also, the cheese danish was bomb!

Flat White - Saturday

I was first introduced to Flat White when I went to their newly opened sister shop Long Black Coffee in Fountain Valley. Flat White is located in a shopping center in Cypress. Parking was easy and that shop was busy! I was pleasantly surprised to see that their menu essentially is the same as Long Black which helped me want to try something new as I already knew their strawberry matcha was amazing. In looking at their website I noticed an ice mango latte which wasn't listed on the menu at the shop. Yes guys, I got an actual coffee drink. It was so good! I felt the mango flavor was subtle but it was overall a great balanced drink. If I am in the Cypress area, I will go back but being that Long Black is right by the studio, I am more likely to frequent that instead.

Feng Cha - Sunday

I believe it may have been the Boba Bitches that prompted this to me on my radar. After so much coffee over the weekend, I was feenin (word to Jodeci) for some straight up tea and I do mean of the oolong variety. This place came through! I got the four springs which is a type of oolong and topped it off with a matcha foam and got it half sweet. Y'all. Y'all! Come through actual tea flavor! It was everything that I wanted and needed. Located in Costa Mesa in the same shopping complex as Kitsch Bar, it is easily off the freeway and I can easily see myself going back

So talk to me, did you find any cool new shops over the weekend? Please share in the comments!

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Cynthia Marie
Cynthia Marie
Jan 11, 2022

I’m loving all things tea! My go-to tea is the iced camomile tea with honey, oat milk and fresh mint leaves from Philz but this has inspired me to break out of the chain spots and explore more local!

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