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Taty's Got the Tea

I have an addiction. I recognize this, y'all recognize this, friends of friends recognize this and the addiction is: TEA (and the occasional coffee drink). So when you tie my love for tea with my love of trying new places and you learn about an amazing new shop, well you get a match made in heaven.

About two months ago, a friend posted about a new shop opening in Westminster and I immediately knew that I had to go and was able to go opening weekend. This amazing place is called Taty's Specialty Coffee and Tea and I just love this place so much!

It is in a very unassuming strip ball next to a bowling alley and across the street from In-N-Out. It is actually a genius location as there is ample parking and y'all this place is poppin' on a Sunday. I have been on several Sunday's where every seat is full with families and friends. There is a solid amount of seating so it is great for groups to sit togther and hang out. I have witnessed several groups taking pictures of their drinks and the exterior.

The drinks are amazing! There are some shops where I tend to just get the same thing either because it is a limited menu or because they excel at just a few drinks. Not Taty! I have bounced around this menu so many times and every drink I have had has been amazing. No but seriously, here are some of the drinks I have had so far:

  • Ube latte

  • Matcha latte with ube foam

  • Jade black tea with cheese foam

  • White peach oolong with cheese foam

  • Longan lotus green tea

  • Strawberry hibiscus rooibos with cheese foam

  • Oolong milk tea with ube foam

All of these were just so delicious. You can taste the quality in each drink. This is a place that has such an amazing selection of teas that I am seldom tempted to go the coffee route (with the obvious exception of the ube latte and eventually I will try the charcoal latte as well). The most surprising drink that I have had so far has been the strawberry hibiscus rooibos with cheese foam: it tasted like a strawberry cream saver once it was mixed up. My gosh that was a good day!

The people that work here are top notch and you will often find the owner here as well. They really take the quality of their drinks seriously and want to ensure that you enjoy it as well. They really make it enjoyable to come visit!

My vegan friends, they have drinks for you as well! They have milk alternatives and even have some specific vegan drinks! Just let them know that you're vegan.

I have already had my Taty's fix this week but suspect I will be back by Thursday to get my fix. Go visit and enjoy!

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