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Tea Spot Highlight: Holy Matcha

Well it has happened…after 2.5 years the Covid got me! Yep, I have been at home quarantining as I have tested positive for the vid. The bright side is, I feel fine! At first I was really tired and had a cough but now I’m just restless. So I haven’t been on any tea adventures this week and that has been such a bummer!

But I have not been without my tea. As soon as I tested positive, I knew it was time to have read adventures home edition and the first business I thought of was Holy Matcha. In case you’re not familiar, Holy Matcha has two matcha shops in San Diego. I have been to their North Park location twice and have also had great interactions with them via Instagram. In addition, to amazing customer service they make a great strawberry matcha and Ube matcha. You can purchase their matcha via Amazon and that was the second thing I purchased after groceries as soon I found out. First though I messaged them to make sure even my ass could make this at home.

Y’all, I don’t know who is running their social media but they are amazing! They sent me three reels with three different recipes, told me how much water and how much of the matcha to mix in. All while being incredibly nice and supportive. Seriously, who can I send a thank you card to?

Now for the adventure, I decided to make a homemade strawberry matcha. It is one of my favorite drinks and I sought out the advice from one of my favorite baristas on the strawberry mixture (thanks Andres!) I also bought a matcha whisk and strainer thingy and went to work! I followed all of the recommendations and…

I did it! I can now say I can make a strawberry matcha at home! I need a different oat milk so I will be getting the barista blend but overall it satisfied my craving and is making this time at home way easier. The process itself was actually easy peasy so I think I will be making more of these at home and since it is Holy Matcha, I’m still supporting a small business.

Thank you again Holy Matcha for the amazing quality matcha and advice and I can’t wait to visit y’all again soon!

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