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They Call Her Lola’s MFK

Brunch is the best meal (besides dessert) period. I'd say fight me but alas I am a lover and not fighter and this is not up for debate. I finally had the opportunity to try Lola's MFK and I am so happy I did.

Lola's MFK is delicious restaurant specializing in breakfast and brunch where the MFK stands for Modern Filipino Kitchen so it is Filipino fusion food. Absolutely delicious! They used to have a restaurant in Anaheim so when I saw this location pop up even closer to me, I was so excited. Finally my Ube horchata is close to me once more!

This is actually my second trip to this location. The first time I went I got the bowl that had my favorite garlic rice and chicken and just friggin deliciousness. This go round I went with a friend and we got the birria chilaquiles and the Ube French toast (hold the coconut). To drink we got an Ube horchata and Filipino mango juice. Listen, I regret nothing! The chilaquiles were flavorful without being spicy. The French toast was covered in a bright Ube sauce that had just the right amount of sweetness without filling like I was going to go into sugar shock. It was just a really good meal!

I am looking forward to returning as I really want to try the adobo omelet and the sweet avocado pancakes.

You should go and tell me what you think!

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