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They're Here: My Anna Cicone Aerial Photographs

Y'all I am so excited to be sharing this. We are kicking off this new blog, in this year, on this new week with something well NEW

When I turned 35, I marked the occasion with a photoshoot where I learned how empowering it can be so when I turned 36 I wanted to mark the occasion with an aerial shoot! Why not mark this year new doing something that I have that has given me so much. I learned about Anna Cicone through pictures I saw her take of someone else. Her pictures look like actual art work and I knew that I at least wanted to try. A model I am not but surely I could try and take a pretty picture and she can make me look good. Man, I completely underestimated how amazing this experience could be.

First of all Anna was amazing to work with! She is very communicative both before and during the shoot. Offered different options, affirmed choices. Meeting her was simply refreshing! Both myself and Jenn (whom I did the shoot with) agreed that she is totally a person we would love to hang out with because she is so dope. Also, Anna is incredibly patient. Again, I am no model and I am definitely not an aerial model but I immediately felt at ease in the studio as well as feeling good from the first shot and that wouldn't have been possible if Anna had shown any impatience with me attempting to hold what should be simple poses. In fact I was nothing but smiles, well except when I attempted to be stoic.

I primarily did my shoot on hoop as outside of pole, hoop is my love. My friend did hers primarily on silks and while shooting Anna (because again she is incredibly dope) showed us this move I have never done which of course intrigued me. She let me practice on the side and I was able to do a silk shot. She taught us new moves y'all!

This shoot took place two weeks ago and I am still all smiles. I did this shoot to celebrate myself and my growth in this art that I adore. Doing this and looking at these pictures I feel beautiful and strong, both of which I have struggled to feel throughout my life. Working with Anna was a dream and I look forward to doing another shoot with her. Whether it is aerial or otherwise, celebrate yourself and maybe just give a photoshoot a try and perhaps do it with a friend so you can hype each other up! You can find Anna at @annaciconephotography

Thanks Anna!

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01 févr. 2022

Absolutely stunning!

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