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2022: A Year of Love in Review

Happy New Year! I'm trying to convince myself if I say it enough I will believe it. Not quite there yet. I'm guessing based on the title, this isn't how you thought this post would start. Well, this is where we are so before I start gushing let's get caught up!

December sucked. I had promised myself I would write more in December and clearly that didn't happen. In December, my heart broke, my anxiety ran amok, I reached some important realizations, cried for a week and all with the holidays among us. I literally woke up this morning (January 1, 2023) with Sam Smith in my singing about about how good they are with goodbyes. So yeah, I'm not feeling that perky nor optimistic.

All that said, I am so incredibly grateful for 2022. During that year I fell in love with myself, fell in love with a man and took my first European vacation! Let's break this down shall we?

You all might recall that I embarked on a mission to fineness and while I failed at maintaining this blog, I didn't fail myself. I maintained my commitment to my fitness. Seriously, I hit my 100th class in Pilates and continued to practice lyra as well as pole! For a girl that didn't exercise at all growing up and prior to 2020 had never stayed committed to any exercise program, I am so incredibly proud of myself. I proved to myself that I can see things through that are for me. All of this was also accomplished while recovering from an injury. I have heard from several people that I have inspired them and that was truly kept me going. I might even add something new in the new year.

At the beginning of 2022, I obtained some rose quartz and wrote myself a letter and also listed out everything I was looking for in a partner. While it didn't end as I had hoped due to some issues we both need to work on within myself, I can say that briefly I was in love and that feeling was magical, encouraging, and just happy. My best friend went so far as to say that he had never seen me more radiant. It is when I went back and reviewed that list that I realized that this man embodied everything that I asked for. I guess now I just need to revise that list. Having said that, I regret nothing. I opened myself up and put it out there and briefly it was reciprocated. I treasure that.

In April, I was talking to my best friend about how I wanted to go to Portugal. Coincidentally in April, I stayed at a hotel in San Diego and wouldn't you know, it was Portugal themed. I decided for my 37th birthday, that's where I was going to go. I extended the invite and my friend Lisa decided to join me and then after a night of drinking we decided to add a few nights in Paris which happened to be where I celebrated my birthday. I fell in love hard with Lisbon, Porto, Paris and just this life. I work hard but I recognize how fortunate I am to have friends that help make these things happen (thank you Lisa and Lamar) and I was so happy with life for those 10 days. People ask me about this trip and honestly I can not put into words the beauty of these places but more importantly the beauty of the people I met during this trip. It might sound crazy but I felt so much love from all angles while on this trip.

There were plenty of coffee/tea shops and little stores that I came across this year. MoonGoat was a prominent feature in the latter half of this year for a couple of reasons. Contra's rotating menu was always a joy. White Sparrow is a new favorite that I am so happy with along with Long Black. Taty's Specialty Coffee and Tea became a weekly staple for me. Shopping wise, still love Vintage Vogue as well as Xtyle It. All of these small businesses are just wonderful and I look forward to seeing them grow in 2023.

So that's it 2022 is done. I am hopeful to get out of this funk but have no great expectations for this year. I'm not one for resolutions but I will continue to make changes throughout the year that just enrich my life daily.

What are you looking forward to this year?

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