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Coco Reids Went Live!

First and foremost, thank you! I can not thank you enough to those that not only read my post about changes but also reached out and congratulated me and imparted kind words. It truly meant so much and really helped keep me motivated as I went into my very first pop-up for Coco Reids!

You guys, I did it! On May 11th, I participated in my very first pop-up. It was truly a great day. I had friends that helped me with set-up from loaning me tables and chairs and a cake stand as well as help setting up. Shop Xtyle It was amazing in setting me up in the perfect location that not only offered me a bi-level set-up in the shade that was close to the store (you know, in case I wanted to do more shopping) but was also across from the tea spot which allowed people to wander over to me while they waited. Sidebar but in case you were wondering, yes my outfit was from Shop Xtyle It, you know I had to represent. Thank you Marci and Itzel for that!

I took 85 books with me and sold just over 20 which was great as a first timer and an unknown. I had great ssupport from friends that came by but also had some new customers as well. Truly, one of the best parts was being able to meet other fellow readers and having dialogues about books as well as being able to provide recommendations based on my knowledge and what people enjoy. Is this feeling what people experience when they truly work with something they enjoy? While I enjoy hotels, being able to converse about my hobby and interact with like minded people just felt so good!

To make an already magical day even better, Whitney with Sugar Mama Bakery surprised me with these amazing decorated cupcakes. My sweet tooth perks up everytime I see one of her cupcake posts and I have been craving her Earl Grey cupcakes ever since I brought them to my friend's engagement so of course I ordered myself a half dozen. Imagine my surprise when her and whole familty showed up (her family is one of my favorites by the way) but she had decorated them with my company name and a little book. Oh my heart was overflowing. Seriously I have been feeling like the Grinch when his little heart multiplied in size. Not only were they cute but they are delicious. I can't wait for my next order.

The support did not end there, my friend also used her Cricut to make me bags and stickers. Being able to put the books in these bags made me feel authentic!

So what did I learn from this experience? Well, just like with children, it takes a village. Starting this new job and getting used to this new schedule has been a bit daunting but I was truly able to make this happen with help and support of my friends. Y'all are real ones and I am truly so thankful. In addition, this is truly what I want to do long term. There is something just so right about doing something that you enjoy and feels rewarding.

You can probably make a drinking game out the number of times I said thank you/thankful but that is how I feel. I look forward to my next one, next quarter! Let's out happy scream

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