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Coco’s Summer Coffee/Tea Wrap Up!

It's official, we have reached the last day of summer! I don't know about you but

I'm ready for cooler temps, beanies, and pumpkin EVERYTHING. This has been a year of transition and I am ready move into this new season.

But it hasn't been all bad. No, this summer our favorite coffee and tea spots showed up and showed out and provided some delicious drinks. Some were tonics, others incorporated citrus or pineapple flavors and others were just damn good. So while I have a hard time calling out favorites, let's get into some stand outs shall we?

Lemon Hello Latte - Ernest Coffee

This was the first drink of the season to knock my socks off and it happened while on a trip! This coffee shop was not afraid to showcase that citrus flavor so that you could taste it but it was also still a balanced sweet and had some good espresso as well. Never has a lemon latte surprised me like this and I would totally go back to Palm Springs for that coffee shop alone (but in the off season cuz I'm done with the heat)

Strawberry Soda with Matcha - Thank You Coffee

Thank you, Thank You Coffee! Your regular specials are already among my favorites (that espresso tonic and matcha tonic could warrant their own post as could the blue pandan with matcha) but it was the strawberry soda with matcha that stole my heart. Think of a slightly sweeter matcha tonic with strawberry and you have this drink. It was the perfect afternoon drink and I can not wait until it's return. Seriously, please bring it back. It was so good!

Pineapple Coolatte - Stereoscope

Usually I have to go down to the San Diego area if I want some type of really different latte (I'm thinking of you Communal Coffee) but not this year. This year Stereoscope said let me give you summer in a cup and I was 1,000% here for it. They took a pina colada, paired it with espresso and said boom and I said thank you! For my personal taste buds, I would have wanted either more pineapple or more coconut to stand out but it was still a great drink. I also want to give an honorable mention to their chai tonic which was supposed to be seasonal but they have just added to the menu permanently (victory)!

So what was your favorite tea or coffee this summer and what are you looking for this fall?



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