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Dating Myself Challenge -This Could Be Us Book Review

Every so often there is a book that just speaks to you and where you currently are in your life. I had one of those experiences recently as I have started delving into Kennedy Ryan. I had heard great things about her book Before I Let Go which is part of the Skyland Series. I loved it. First of all it is refreshing to have a romance that is centered around people in their late 30s/early 40s. If you read a lot of romance, you know that the genre skews more toward 20s/early 30s, which I mean I loved when I was that age and it gave me hope. Now though, I am still single and it started to feel as if romance and love wasn't in the cards for me as I am aging out. This series is starting to renew that hope. Books in this series cover realistic themes as the characters have had to process death, depression and being caregivers. It is a very relatable series.

After reading Before I Let Go, I knew that I needed to read This Could Be Us IMMEDIATELY! Granted I have never been married, but something about Soledad connected with me. I am not going to tell you too much about the story and plot as I really want you to read it so we can discuss. This Could Be Us falls under the trope of second chance romance but in this case it is a second chance romance with yourself and then also allowing yourself to be open to love again with a partner. Soledad becomes a single mom after her good for nothing husband is caught embezzling from the company and also cheating on her. They have three daughters together. The man that caught him is the accountant for the company named Judah who is a divorced dad of twin autistic boys. They are drawn together from the first time they meet but it is an incredible slow build. Ugh I just loved reading this story!

You may be wondering why I said a second chance romance with herself. Well after Soledad divorces her good for nothing husband, she has to figure out who she is while also making ends meet for her daughters. She utilizes social media to her advantage and starts the #datingmyselfchallenge. Y'all I felt this to my core! Reading how she found strength from within and also used her talents and skills to motivate others including her girls was really empowering. She really committed to getting to rediscover who she is and made that a priority before embarking on a new relationship. I also loved that we had a man that appreciated her boundaries, exercised patience and showed up consistently. I don't know if there is a Judah out there for me in real life but if there is, I am getting ready!

I've decided to embark on my own #datingmyselfchallenge. Seriously, when I am catching up with friends and they ask me about my dating life, I say "I am dating myself" and my friends, they get it. I am taking this time and this season to really connect with myself and what makes me happy and focus on bringing happiness to myself instead of wishing I had someone else to provide that for me. I am taking myself on dates, actually setting time for myself that is not a class, treating myself to treats and celebrating myself as well. I am strengthening my foundation and working on ensuring that I feel fulfilled with or without a partner as the reality is with this current dating landscape, I am not sure that will happen for me but myself needs to be happy and joyous regardless.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, I highly recommend taking some time to connect within. Too often we spend so much of ourselves on others whether that be our partner, kids, work, etc and not enough on ourselves. We tie our identities to outside factors and then flounder when we lose them. We are still a whole person without a partner. I am thankful for this book for reminding me of that.

Tell me, what does dating yourself look like to you? What do you do to make yourself happy. What books have connected with you recently?

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