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Fall Back Into Dating

Hello friends! Is it me or has this year just flown bye or like the City Girls say, flewed out lol. I am having a hard time believing that we are approaching the end of the year but yet here we are.

A year ago, I was falling hard for a barista and that has since ended. It was painful, but it has taught me a lot about what I am looking for in my next relationship such as someone who can be goofy with me and have 90s singalongs in the car. Someone I enjoy doing the mundane tasks with and still have fun such as going to the laundry mat or the store. Also, someone who can listen to me cry and just put on a song. It also taught me how to be soft and vulnerable. Showed me who I can be in the context of a relationship. This relationship hurt but between that and therapy, I have learned a lot.

So, I am dating again! But this shit sucks lol. After more than two years of being off the apps, I have decided to get back on Hinge. At the recommendation of my therapist, I am just on the one app which helps it not feel like a second job. I just go on when I feel. I am thankful I have very minimal expectations because y'all, I have had ZERO luck and it has been over a month.

For instance, I had matched with this one guy, we exchanged numbers and we are supposed to go out. Well the day we are supposed to go out, he still hadn't finalized anything so I of course made alternate plans. He then says "okay we are going out next Thursday at 6pm, I'll choose the place" okay bet! Well Wednesday comes along, still no place chosen but he confirmed we were still going out the next day, he just needed to choose the place. Thursday rolls around, no word from him. 5:30pm comes, and I still hadn't heard from him and so I recognize that he works in the medical field so just wanted to ensure he was good, I already knew we weren't going since I again made alternate plans. Y'all, this dude blocked me! It has been almost three weeks and I am still incredulous. At what point can we just be adults and say "hey, I thought about it, and I'm just not that interested"?

I haven't given up. I am still on Hinge. I am being very selective and admittedly I also have some full weekends so while I haven't been on a date yet, I know it will happen and I will be sure to keep y'all posted.

So now we have tea/coffee, shopping, books and dating to discuss, let's do this!

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