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Let’s Get Physical…Ly Fit

I think I forgot to tell y'all, that Mission to Fineness that I spoke about last year? Oh that is so carrying over into this year! I am working on myself mentally, emotionally and today we are going to highlight PHYSICALLY!

I am happy to say that I have kept up my routine of Pilates, hoop and pole. It is established. But lately, I've been feeling like I need something else, something new and different. It was perfect timing when my friend became certified as a personal trainer and announced she was starting group HIIT classes on Thursdays. An opportunity to support a small business and get a workout in? Count me in!

Y'all these classes kicked my ass! I have done it twice so far and scheduling permitting it will be a weekly event for my. I just won't this week because Ant-man. Duh! Anyhoo, these classes. They are different from my other classes as 1. I have to wear shoes. 2. These are intense in a completely different way!

In the two classes that I've taken, we have started off with about 5 minutes of jumping rope. It is my hope that next time we will just play double Dutch but alas for now we are just jumping solo. After that we rotate stations which will use weights, bands, medicine balls, or a machine. I've done wall sits, Russian dead lifts, hip thrusts with weights, ball slams, wall slams, chest presses. I could go on but I've kind of forgotten the names of some things. We rotate stations by either number of reps or timed 40 seconds to a minute. My thighs have never hurt like this in my life and I love it. We then end the class with some ab work.

It hurts but it is worth it! The space is primarily women and we are all encouraging each other. Megan is a really great instructor and will modify if need be but will also challenge you and encourage you to keep going.

If you're looking for something new, I highly recommend taking Megan's class at Ms. Litty Co.

Join me!

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