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New Hobby Unlocked - Steel Pan

Y'all know I love music right? I mean I sprinkle little quotes and lines throughout most of my writing and everyday conversation so I would hope you do but still, if you don't know, now you know (see what I did there?)

Let me give you some back story, paint the scene if you will: the night is December 8, 2023 and I have found myself at the Packing House with a couple of friends after enjoying some great wine and a desire to get food because we hungry (misspelling intentional). We make our way outside to Sacred Junkbar who normally had a sitar player but on this particular night there is a steel pan player and he is playing Pony by Ginuwine. My world is further rocked as he plays Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell as well as some Hall and Oates and myself and my friends proceed to annoy the couple that happens to be sitting next to us with our loud and obnoxious singing that is powered by joy and vibes. I proceed to follow this player on Instagram. A few months later I see that Shoy has decided to start offering lessons. I already have plans to hang out with my friend and decide to pitch the idea to her and she enthusiastically says yes and asks if she can bring her daughter which the answer is "duh, of course" as I am just happy someone is down for my idea.

That is how I found myself starting to play the Steel Pan. Now funny enough outside of the one week in the fourth grade playing the flute, I have no instrumental skills or background. Imagine my surprise when on the very first lesson we learn how to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. I was overjoyed to play that easy little ditty. Never would I have thought that I would be playing an instrument and definitely not one that is so friggin cool.

I have taken two lessons so far and Shoy believes that I may be ready and able to join them in playing Los Angeles Carnival. This both terrifies and excites me. Terrifying in that I know I have a lot to work on such as timing, pacing, and being able to identify the notes by ear. Giving myself grace, I do recognize that I do improve the more that I practice which leads me into why I am excited, I have never been in a parade and to have the opportunity to play something so magical in a parade that is sure to have amazing vibes, well that is a dream. We may get to a point where we decide I am not ready but for now I am looking forward to this journey with this new hobby.

Have you tried anything new that excited you recently? If so I want to hear about it! If you are interested in trying this instrument, let me know! Shoy is a great instructor with great patience and I would love to have someone take class with me!

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