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Pink Coffee Shops Just Yes!

Welcome to February! The month of love and for me it will be the love of coffee shops!

I have learned this week that pink coffee shops tend to be my favorite and I unintentionally went to two within the last week: Boulon and Dante's. Both are amazing so let's get into it!

I've had my eye on Boulon for the last year. I came across them on Instagram (as one does) as they had flight and you know I'm a sucker for a flight. The flight consists of their three signature drinks: the Gold Digger (dirty turmeric latte), the Money Maker (rose matcha), and the Mean Girl (pink chai). We enjoyed our drinks in the beautifully decorated coffee shop with it's amazing pink interior, pink car and even the subway tile was lined in pink. The flight was poured tableside as if I was sipping a cocktail. While all were great, it was of course the Mean Girl that was a favorite. It was just so delicious and I would get it again and again.

The drinks were great, my cousin also enjoyed their cappucino. The service was stellar as Anna was all too happy to play photographer and even recommended some shots. Everyone was just so happy there and I made for a great Sunday.

So Boulon was in LA (two locations, look them up) but bringing it back to OC we have Dante's. This place was sent to me by a friend back in October and I just made time today to go as I wanted something new.

It is located in Santa Ana near the court house and as such is only open Monday through Friday until 3ish (no seriously it says 3ish). Walk in and pink and black everywhere! One of my favorite color combos. Whereas Boulon felt very feminine, Dante's felt more 2000s Avril Lavigne vibes. There are games everywhere and the folks that work there are also very nice.

I asked for a drink recommendation and was advised to get the Honey Bear Latte which is a honey rosemary latte. Y'all my tastebuds sang upon first sip. My gosh what is with these pink shops having these delicious drinks? Given that it is only 13 minutes from the house, I am pretty sure I will be working my way through the menu.

So this month of love for me is about the love of coffee shops. Where should I go next?

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