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Return of the Black Girl Magic

Injuries suck! I can admit that I probably needed to slow down but being forced to slow down due to an injury is frustrating, difficult and mentally hard.

I might have previously expressed how I was never one to have a work out routine or at least not a consistent one. Like many, I have dealt with body issues since childhood so I was so thankful to be getting to a place where I accepted my body for what it is, what it can do, and the potential to keep improving and doing more. For the last couple of years I had developed a solid routine that incorporated movement about 4 days of the week and I loved it. Dislocating my knee cap brought me down (literally).

There have been plenty of lessons learned during this time period which I may address another time but for now know this: I am back baby! I have been incorporating pilates and either one pole or hoop class into my routine for the last few drinks and beginning next week I am incorporating movement three days a week. Joy is real! It feels so good to be able to take the classes that I love. Pilates has been great for my knee and my wonderful instructors know when to offer modifications so I can protect the knee while building the surrounding muscles. It is a slow process but I can feel the improvement.

The return to the aerial/pole studio has been great in that I am able to get back on the apparatuses that I love so much: hoop and pole. I am taking it easy with beginner classes and protecting my knee from a lot of twists. My first hoop class I learned a new pose and a new spin and it felt amazing to learn something new and that I was able to do it. Pole I can't do a lot of the knee grips on my good side since of course that is the knee that I injured but ya girl is spinning, climbing, posing and cheesing! I am so happy that I didn't completely lose my stength in the 6/7 weeks that I was gone which was a true fear of mine.

While I have had some days recently where I am in a bit of a funk, I can feel the light in me returning and the confidence growing. I recognize that this was a set back but I have to be patient with myself and as always, I can not compare myself to others or even myself. This is the time to rebuild and continually learn and grow. Being back at both studios knowing that I am building my strength has been encouraging. Also, I really missed planks. I love that I can do a plank again lol!

So this black girl magic is coming back and growing and about to be radiant!

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