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Santa Barbara Knows How to Coffee

Y'all, I just love Santa Barbara! I can not believe I went over a year without going to my happy place. In December, I had the epiphany that I will have room nights for my discount again and decided the first weekend in January I was embarking on a soloish weekend in Santa Barbara. I say ish as I now have a friend that lives up there but ultimately this was my own personal retreat with the goal of reflecting and recharging.

Of course, there was another reason for my visit. Santa Barbara has my all time favorite coffee/tea spot and I decided to try some others. Yes y'all, I traveled 112 miles just so I can get a drink at Caje Coffee Roasters. There is no shame in my game and I am so happy I did because that drink brought me life! That might be a slight exaggeration but the joy I felt sitting there with my friend Hayley while she had her beautiful Bella Rose and I sipped my Cajé Thai is real. Their specialty drinks are not only beautiful but they taste delicious as well. Normally I order the Bella Rose but told myself to try a new drink and it did not disappoint. Thanks Caje!

I actually kicked off the trip stopping at Little Heart Cafecito. Located inside the Santa Barbara Public Market, this coffee shop had interesting flavors such as the Dulce de Leche latte (I got it, I liked it) and they also have desserts! I wasn't sure if my hotel had a refrigerator but I was dangerously close to ordering the orange flan. I would definitely go again to try some of their other lattes.

Lastly, I went to Handle Bar coffee. located within walking distance to Paseo Nuevo and State St, I went based on Hayley's recommendation and so glad I did. I have been missing turmeric lattes and this one was solid and this shop was super cute with extremely friend service!

Not coffee/tea related but I also hit up other favorites the Santa Barbara Urban Flea Market where I have decided that when I move I am going to get my glassware as well as Santo Mezcal who just has suxh delicious food. My friend introduced me to my new favorite bar up there, Shaker Mill, and I am seriously already planning my next trip! Not only did I get to spend time with my friend and meet amazing new people but I read a book and half and got to sit with my thoughts and came back feeling lighter. So thankful for this weekend and this beautiful place.

So tell me, where is your happy place and how do you recharge? I want to hear it!

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