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Strike a Pose - Shop Xtyle It Fashion Show

Hiyeee! It's been too long and it is entirely my fault. As I like to say, life has been lifing and it has been hard! There have been some bright spots though and I have been continuing to put myself out there and trying new things.

Y'all, I walked in a fashion show! Yes, for one night on May 20th, I was referred to as a model as I participated in the Shop Xtyle It Fashion Show at Steel Craft and it was an amazing experience.

You might be wondering how this came about. One day I was at Steel Craft and decided to stop in the store to shop and say to Itzel. Somehow the fashion show came up and I found myself saying, well I'm no model but if you need someone, I would be happy to join, or something to that effect. She said she would talk to her mom, Marcie, and they would let me know. I didn't hear anything for a bit so I just thought they weren't interested. And then it happened, I heard from Marcie and she was excited to have me join! I had no idea what I was getting myself into lol.

I was asked to come into the store to try on some possible looks. Granted I follow on Instagram so I should have expected that we would be taking pictures that day. Somehow though, I didn't fully anticipate as I showed up without doing my hair but at least had some outrageous lashes on since I was going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I officially met Marcie and when I tell you she is the most amazing person, I am not exaggerating. Her energy is infectious and she really knows how to hype a person up! We ended up taking pictures and a model was born. There were pictures taken in which I couldn't believe it was me and they were just taken on her phone. Who was this beautiful, confident woman? It was me!

That was in April. At the beginning of May, I went back to store in which we finalized my outfits for the show (we did end up changing one on the day of rehearsal). May 20th was showtime!

Right before the show, I was in a terrible mood. I had just gotten into an argument and was in tears as I was doing my makeup for the show. I showed up before and was admittedly aloof as I needed to change my mood from being sad. The other ladies in this show were amazing! Everyone was so nice and complimentary. The positivity (and wine) were flowing and Marcie's energy was palpable. My mood drastically improved and I let myself truly enjoy this experience.

I have learned that I am your goofy model especially when my dope ass friends are in the audience cheering me on. I hammed it up for them and the many cameras that were around. It was such an amazing experience.

Thank you to Marcie and Itzel for putting this on. Thank you to the other models for being amazing women. Thank you to my friends, those that came and those that cheered me on from afar, it meant so much. I never saw myself as the pretty girl and if someone had told me five years ago I would be participating in this, I would think they were lying and yet here I am.

Life is still lifing but there are some great experiences along the way.

I'll be back!


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