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The Best Drink I’ve Had This Year… So Far

Yes I am completely aware that we are only 25 days into the year and yet I am saying this: I have had the best drink this year! What drink is so good that I am already declaring the best? The Matcha Einspanner from Long Black I'm Fountain Valley!

Baby! I took that first sip after I gave it a nice shake and my taste buds exploded. My face lit up into a smile. I made sure to savor each and every sip. What is an Einspanner? Allow me to Google this as I have no clue. Okay, it is a drink that is popular in Korea in which they take matcha and layer it over a thick layer of whipped cream. Basically it is absolutely delicious and creamy and just mmmmmm.

I have had other really really good drinks this year (so far). Over the weekend I had the pineapple oolong at Contra and made my tastebuds sing. Oolong is one of my favorite teas and this one had just the right amount of pineapple.

I of course have to mention MoonGoat as one of their managers has slowly but surely getting me to like cold brews without making a scrunchy face. Pictured is a cold brew sweetened slightly with a beautiful rose cardamom syrup. I also just love the matchas here as you can actually taste the matcha. They also do great seasonal cold foams so pictured is a matcha topped with a tiramisu cold foam. Just take my money.

It's only January, will I be able to top these delicious drinks? Let's see!

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