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There She Go Climbing Up the Pole

I'm back! I took some time off from the things I can control as I needed a mental break but I am back and with a song stuck in my head. If you are not familiar with the classic song "There She Go Sliding the Pole" by E-40 and Too Short, well get familiar. That song stays in my head every Sunday as I head to pole class so I decided today we are going to talk about pole!

This weekend I have several friends and instructors that are competing in a pole competition and it has caused me to reflect on my own pole experience especially in relation to my mission to fineness. What some people do not realize is that I took my first pole class in 2008 or 2009. Admittedly I was so turned off by it as I couldn't do anything! I couldn't spin or climb and I damn sure didn't feel sexy. The first studio I tried was somewhere in Orange County and I remember that first class they wanted to teach me what they called a Merry Widow. That is so not a beginner spin for a first time class. It didn't go well. In 2012, I went to a pole party for a friend at this studio in Carson and that is when I began to think that maybe I can do this shit and that is where my Sunday classes began (and sometimes Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well). It was at a studio in Carson that I learned that finding the right studio and instructors for you will actually create an environment where you can learn and thrive. This was further hammered into me when I attempted to go to a studio in Long Beach and I swear she just had us walk around the pole for an hour. Yeah, we didn't go back there.

I have always been intrigued by pole for the sheer strength combined with sexiness of the sport. And I do mean sport. It isn't until you talk pole that you appreciate how strong you have to be to hold to do those moves. I also wanted to feel sexy. Confession time: I have never truly felt like a sexy queen. I know, crazy right? But so true! I see myself as this playful and goofy person so the idea of being sexy is something that I have only aspired to be. So to be strong and sexy? Yeah that is goals!

Speaking of goals, it has taken me forever to hit some pole goals but man I have been hitting them so let's celebrate! I remember back in like 2016 I told my best friend that my goal was to invert. I hit my very first invert (going upside down) in 2019 and can happily say that I have been consistently inverting since last year, I even did it in the showcase piece last year! I also had a goal to climb and I have been climbing. I go up and down that pole and happily! My current goal is to hit this move called a jade split and I am soooo close, like I am literally doing all of the moves but that but I will get it.

Pole has helped me to connect with the athlete that was buried very deep within myself. It has helped me to appreciate my strength. Often challenges my fears and forces me to trust myself. Sometimes I feel like a sexy bitch and other times just a strong ass boss. I have not done this alone. My instructors/friends have really encouraged and pushed me and I must give them all a shoutout in no particular order: DJ Strut, Kia, Amanda, Nondie/Natalia, Sarah, Genevieve. Thank you all for being bad ass incredible women that encourage and push those in your classes and inspire through your own badassery. For those that are competing this weekend, good luck. No matter how you place in your category, you're a winner in my book.

Now let'e celebrate Sunday Bumday!

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