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What's Coco Reading: February Round Up

*Sings* On the wings of love! Yes y'all, I fully subscribe to February being all about love. Valentine's Day was my favorite holiday growing up and has only been replaced by Thanksgiving because I love to eat. A lot. But I digress. February brought out the romance in me and it is reflected in the 8 books that I read this month.

So here is what I read:

  1. The Family You Make - Jill Shalvis

  2. The Spanish Love Deception - Elena Armas

  3. The Fastest Way to Fall - Denise Williams

  4. Ramon and Julieta: Love and Tacos - Alana Quintana Albertsons

  5. Getting His Game Back - Gia de Cadenet

  6. The Checklist - Addie Woolridge

  7. The Bounce Back - Addie Woolridge

  8. Lease on Love - Falon Ballard

One note that ties all of these books together is that not only are they about romantic love but they are also about falling in love with ones self and your interest which I could totally appreciate. This month's selection of books were also diverse in characters and I love seeing the representation that has emerged in the romance genre.

Of this month's reads,The Spanish Love Deception was perhaps my favorite. It just gave me that awww feeling accompanied with a cheesy smile. Ramon and Julieta: Love and Tacos had me craving fish tacos and made me excited for what is next to come in this series. I appreciated that the Fastest Way to Fall featured a plus size character that loved herself, pushed herself and her focus wasn't on losing weight. Getting His Game Back tried to tackle the topic of depression and in my opinion was a bit clunky but overall enjoyable and I want to read more from this author. The Checklist and The Bounce Back are part of a series so I believe there may be a third on the way so we can read about the next sister.

I am not sure what I am reading in March. I have one book called Attached which covers attachment theory so I will let you know how that goes.

What about you? What are you reading or what do you recommend?

Happy reading!

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