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Moving to the Afro Beat

Has anyone else been loving all of the afrobeats music that has been coming out? From Davido, Wizkid, Ca'leb Nathan, Rotimi and so many more, I have been in a constant state on swaying. Why just swaying? Your girl is not a dancer! I really wish I was but it is not something that comes naturally. I have had people say well you do pole, it should be easy. Y'all I take tricks classes! Totally different. I am over here struggling to learn that Tamia line dance, although admittedly I got close.

I promise I want to get better at dancing. This is actually a goal I have for 2024. I can not have Clayton from the Bachelor moving better than me. Nope. Not happening. I refuse! So as soon as I learned about an Afrohouse dance class, I had to sign up!

Back in September, I met Jason at a pop-up as he was doing some lessons. I was secretly following along but didn't want to fully join in as I did not want to embarass myself. I was so intrigued though and really want to learn. I followed @mamba_1980 on the off chance that there was another pop up or class that I could attend. Thankfully he followed me back and he tagged me in this class that took place Janaury 27th. I immediately signed up and then recruited some friends. Funny enough these friends had the same level of coordination as myself.

The class itself was at this gorgeous studio in Long Beach and we were on the second level that had windows with views of the mountains in the distance. There were about 11 of us in class as one of the classmates was also celebrating a birthday. Started off with amazing vibes. Jason led us through a warm up and then patiently taught us choreography. Y'all, I had so much fun! There were points in which I felt like my body was not moving fast enough but Jason was incredibly patient with all of us and answered our questions and broke down each of the moves. The song we danced to mentioned December, black cats and "if you're sexy and you know it, get your booty on the floor" so you know I was here for it. Jason also encouraged us not just to learn the moves but really just feel and enjoy the music. He is really a

great teacher!

Overall I really enjoyed myself and hope there is another class soon as I would like to try it again. This also makes me want to make my return to salsa and bachata. Stay tuned, who knows what dance adventure I will get into next! Also, if you are interested in learning more about this class, follow @mamba_1980 on Instagram!

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